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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we're two and zero. >> eagles put a beat down on the bears on monday night football, perfect on the season and carson makes history along the way. what he has accomplished that no other rookie quarterback has done, ever. [gunfire] >> weekend of terror comes to an even with a shoot-out in new jersey. man authorities say that is behind explosives in new york and new jersey, now in custody. what authorities are now questioning about his past. man is fighting for his life after being hit by a car in northeast philadelphia. just blocks from his home. who police are searching for right now.
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they have found the car. they have in the caught the driver. good day it is september 20th, 2016. the morning after a monday night football game where our eagles are now two and zero. >> yes. >> wow. >> everybody is in a good mood. >> i'm feeling it. here's the question of the day what does doug pederson our coach, who is now two and zero, have in common with that guy? first of all, who is that guy. >> yes. >> and, old head out there like me will remember him. >> i even necessity his name. >> yeah. >> one of those sporty watches you have on too. >> that is a good looking watch. >> that is nice. >> yes, thin ban. >> yes. >> are you still on that wentz wagon because it is full and strong now. >> so show us your eagles pride if you have pictures of yourself watching the game or take a pick right now what is the #. >> fox 29 good day. >> fox 29 good day. >> yes. >> well, it is not perfect but better then yesterday.
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yesterday was icky. we have gone from a four to a six but still cloudy, foggy, buddy is wearing his eagles gear. maybe you will or your kid. take a picture of that and tweet it to us or send it to us. temperatures in the 60's and 70's out there and you may see a stray shower south, let's say southern delaware, cape may county, new jersey. a lot of cloud cover, a lot of moisture in the air so there is f-o-g, fog. the mount pocono, allentown, reading, pottstown, lancaster this morning. they are the places hardest hit by that fog that could slow you down. airport looks good. 69 degrees. very humid. sunrise, toss than the happen until 6:47. as we mentioned temperatures in the 60's and 70's throughout the region f we get that sunshine before the day is through we will get to 83 degrees. tonight cloud will clear and low in the mid 60's. that is your weather authority forecast for tuesday. seven day forecast coming up,
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bob kelly. >> i woke up to dirty dishes from the sing from the little parties the kid had last night watching eagles game. that quacamole stuff stuck to the side of the bowls there. good morning. 6:03. southbound i-95 an accident at business route one right here in bucks county. it is on the southbound side but they are also blocking what would be the left lane of the northbound side up here in levittown. curb side on the freeway we're dealing with the beginning of some morning volume and early morning fog. the not only there in south jersey but also here on montgomery county coming down the northeast extension, 422, 202. be ready for. that northbound i-95 a disabled on the northbound side of the girard point double decker bridge, which would be the lower deck heading in towards south philadelphia, watch out for some possible fog delays if you are heading down to the airport this morning, and so far so good on i-95 in the schuylkill expressway, mike, back over to you.
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and yesterday morning, violent gun battle between suspects ahmad kahn rahami and linden new jersey police officers could be heard by people living nearby. you heard it right there on tape. this morning, the accused bomber is charged with trying to kill police. >> jenny joyce is live from the news room with the latest, jenny. >> reporter: police say there were several clues that led them to 28 year-old ahmad rahami from his fingerprints and dna from the scene of the chelsea blast to electronic toll record from the same time frame link to the vehicle that rahami had access to. police say rahami was on the fbi's most wanted list before being caught. he was found in linden, new jersey yesterday morning, after a man called police to report a guy sleeping outside of his restaurant. police responded and identified the man as the suspected terrorist wanted in connection with three explosions, over the course of two days. this is the picture of rahami
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after he was captured in a bloody shoot-out with linden police. the american citizen who was born in afghanistan was wounded in the shooting and then transported to a local hospital. two linden police officers were also shot, but they are expected to be okay. police say they have found rahami's fingerprints on a pressure cooker connected to a cell phone, and they were able to link him to saturday's explosions, in the north jersey shore town, and saturday night, blast, in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood that injured 29 people, and then pipe bombs found in a new jersey or excuse me, elizabeth, new jersey train station sun take night. new york police commissioner james o'neill said there is great relief that a suspect is in custody, however, new york city is the number one target in the world and always needs to be on alert. >> a lot more today then yesterday. i think all new yorkers should feel secure that the nypd and law enforcement agencies in new york city will continue to keep them safe and we will
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continue in this investigation to make sure that we will get to know who was involved and why. >> rahami is charged with five counts of attempted murder and being held on 5.2 million-dollar bail. fbi says at this point there is no indication that anyone is assisting rahami with the bombings or that his actions were the work of the larger material or cell, mike and alex. >> it is changing by the hour here. 6:06. >> in northeast philadelphia police searched for the driver who ran down a man, leaving him critically injured. >> so the driver took off, but cops do have the car. so bring us up to date here, dave, what is going on. >> reporter: that is right, police just towed that vehicle away a little while ago. let's go to video right now. we're talking about a white chevy cobalt here that philadelphia police towed away, they say it was involve in the hit and run. it has windshield damage. it is registered to a house on the 7,000 block of rutland street in northeast philadelphia police are still looking for the driver.
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we will now take you to the crash scene at bustleton and bleigh and video too. police believe this incident happened near or in the parking lot of the wells fargo, around 11:15 last night. >> when police went to that location. they found the car parked unattended. it was a 2010 white chevy with fresh damage to the front windshield. so we believe that is the striking vehicle, that vehicle is being held as part of the scene. >> reporter: police continue to look for the driver, and we do know that investigators took careful pictures of that white cobalt before it was towed away, and they were gathering evidence. we can also tell you that the victim was taken to aria torresdale hospital in extremely critical condition. we have also learned that the victim is a man in his late 40's, possibly 47 or 48 years old and again, the search for a driver continues at this
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hour. back to you mike and alex. >> let us know. 6:08 on this tuesday morning. you know it is big when you get a whole page for your picture, hugging. >> that is a nice shot. >> that is a nice shot. >> is that sproles good ryan matthews with sproles. >> he is 5-foot six. >> makes it easier to pick him up. >> yeah. >> carson wentz getting the spotlight in monday night football verse the bears. >> just his second start wentz showed signs that he has what it takes to be a good quarterback to get us done. he had matthews who ran for two touchdowns. he got help for defense who force three dollars turnovers and eagles beat the bears 29-14 to improve to two-zero on the season. we spoke to doug pederson on his place so far. >> at the same time he is seeing things really well, commanding the huddle and dialogue on the side line with players and coaches with him is something that a nine or
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ten year vet would do. it is just showing his maturity and the ability that he has to play quarterback. >> carson wentz is now first quarterback since 1970 to win his first two games as a rookie with no team turnovers this those games. before the game eagles safety malcolm jenkins with steven means, and ron brooks, raised their hand touring national anthem as players around the league have been staging different row tests during the anthem to raise awareness about perceived social injustice around the country. what do you think of that? get your opinion on that. there is 53 players on the team, three participated in that last night. >> healthy discussion right now. >> healthy. >> a discussion on my facebook page. >> that is for sure. >> we will talk about that later on. >> good news for philadelphia police sergeant targeted in a deadly police shooting friday
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night when sergeant sylvia young is expect to be released from the hospital. we thought it was yesterday but we have new word. tulsa police department is release video of a unarmed black man shot dead. what police were recorded saying about the man before he was killed.
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testing. police say somebody, opened up, and with gunshots near 18th and wharton yesterday afternoon, a one two-year old would hand pushing a ten month-old, baby, and a stroller was shot in the arm. the baby wasn't hurt, another man, and woman were hit in the leg. police have not said if any of the three people shot were the intended targets, they are all in stable condition, thank goodness. 6:12. what do skittles and refugees have in common? donald trump junior ask him because strange comparison or what some are saying is a strange comparison that some people, are talking about this morning. and here we go, the tulsa police department is releasing dash cam video, and helicopter footage of a unarmed, man shot dead by an officer there.
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what police at the scene were recorded saying about the guy, this is just before he was killed. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said.
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trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. yesterday was rain, rain, rain every where today it is better but it the is not
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autumn just yet. the autumn begins on thursday at 10:21 a.m. i want to show those pretty autumn leaves. here's our radar and satellite picture which shows we have cloud cover, very little rain, and think rain we have is down in southern delaware. we had earlier this cape hey, new jersey. what about future? well, future cast shows that eventually these included will try to clear out, probably by about midday, we will see some filtered sunshine, if you are around philadelphia, and north and west you should see lots of sun today but south and east it looks like these clouds are stubborn and we will have pop up showers, no thunderstorms, soaking rain like we had yesterday but things will be eventually improving, to the point where we will get rid of the fog this morning. we will get sunshine and we will get to 83 degrees. we stayed in the 70's yesterday. eighty-seven tomorrow for last day of summer and as autumn begins on thursday, we will get to a high of 86. warmer than average on thursday and on friday but
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very pleasant, low humidity days. by the weekend we will see a big difference in temperature, from 81 degrees on saturday, bob kill toy 71 on sunday. >> we are dealing with some fog as we wake up this morning. we're all in a fog from being up late watching eagles game but we are driving through it this morning. the here's a live look at route 202 an exam this chester county. 202 through paoli malvern interchange and kop. jammed up, heading to work southbound from heavy to cottman to girard avenue. down wires in collegeville this morning with local detours around eighth and chestnut and then as we mentioned that foggy start, i showed you camera on 202 right here, is there fog coming in on 422, northeast extension, portions, of route 309, and a disabled north on i-95 right here near girard point double decker, mid span, on that lower deck and double bubble tonight phillies against the
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chicago white socks coming to town, and across the street they will be rocking all night long, ac tc. double bubble with a lot of volume heading in to south philadelphia with that evening rush hour. mike and alex, back to you. let's start as a police response to a stalled vehicle on the road ended with police shooting and killing an unarmed hand, near tulsa oklahoma. >> lauren has you this cash cam video released of this incident. >> reporter: video shows homes before the shooting by police that killed a man. lets take you back to friday night when police were called out because of the car stalled in front of the middle of the road, and, on the serious and he refused to show his hand and follow commands. new video shows very different story. it reveals, croucher did reveal and did raise his arm, no weapon was found on croucher or inside that car. >> it looked like a bad dude. >> you want to know who that
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big, bad dude was? that big bad dude was my twin brother. that big bad dude was a father that big bad dude was a son. >> i was just making this promise to you, we will achieve justice in the case. >> police say officer betty shelby fired the fatal shot and officer tyler, deployed their taser. they are both white. victim is a black man. officer shelby has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. fbi and justice department will conduct separate investigationness to friday's shooting, mike and alex. >> wow. >> 6:19. >> donald trump junior back in the head lines this morning after posting a controversial tweet. >> all right. hang with us here on this one, he tweeted a picture comparing syrian refugees to skid also, the candy. the tweet read this image says it all, let's even the politically correct agenda
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that does not put america first and he posted that message with a graphic that said if i had a bowl of skittles and i told you just three would dill you, would you take a handful. that is our syrian refugee problem. this is not first time donald trump junior has come under fire as you know for his comments? he was criticized last week for making a quote unquote gas chamber reference during an interview with the philadelphia radio station. he made the comment while complaining about the media treatment his father has received, compared to coverage of the hillary clinton's campaign. lets get back to the big story, good story of the day here, eagles remain undefeated. two and zero. after a big win last night in chi town. hear why carson wentz says playing in chicago, was extra special for him. it was loud, wasn't it. >> it was. and then it the is remere week on fox 29 we are giving
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away cash card worth $500 every night. just watch tonight starting at 8:00. look for code work and enter at fox 29 to the come for your chance to win. >> do you know what the code word was last night. >> no, what was it. >> i don't know what was the code word, staff. >> lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm sean bell. carson wentz in his first prime time game, as an nfl quarterback taking on the bears, in solder field, but wentz looked like the vet, jay cutler was the one who looked like a rookie. malcolm jenkins and teammate ron brooks, and steven means, put the black power fist before the game. they thought it might be a distraction but it wasn't. third quarter ryan matthews punches it in, with the second effort that made it 16-seven. jay cutler, well, he is being jay cutler. he is throwing interceptions to bradham. carson wentz, hits tray burton right here on the screen for 2-. the eagles, well, now up 22-seven. later ryan matthews added with
6:25 am
another touchdown, eagles win 29-14. carson wentz still golden. twenty-one of 34, 190-yard, and a touchdown. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. his name is sean bell. is that the same sean bell that said bears were going to win 20-17. >> i do believe it is. >> i thought i recognized him. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> lets see what he is saying this morning. >> we should wake him up and calling him. >> do you have his cell phone number. >> he has no argument. >> none. >> let's continue with some sports here for carson wentz last night game in chicago meant returning to a place he has, well, a special place in his heart for. >> because it is place where his life long dream came true. nfl craft was held in chicago back in april and taken as you will remember second overall. went talk about what it meant to be back thereafter the game last night. >> throughout the week i realized i'm going to where my life change, so to speak.
6:26 am
it was cool to be back here especially coming out of here with a win. >> look at how his life has change in a few months. that was in april. look the at the suit and shirt he has on. >> look at that. >> now thumb one selling jersey, everybody is on the wentz wagon. you know, yesterday, someone actually tweeted, i will say it now, future hall of famer. >> come on thousand. >> i was happy to hear someone said that. >> wait until pittsburgh comes to the lincoln sunday. they are a really good team. let's all calm down until after that game. >> okay. >> we said that about chicago too. we said, wait, wait. >> that is true. >> wentz wagon. all right. jenny joyce, what do you have at 6:26. >> good morning. suspected terrorist is in custody but not before a bloody shoot-out with police, what led authorities to ahmad rahami and update on the investigation at 6:00. dave? and, jenny, philadelphia police have the vehicle they say was involve in the hit and run, that left a victim in critical condition, we will
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tell you, what they know about the driver of that car, after the break. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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the eagles power pass the bears on monday night football and they are two and zero on the season. carson went impressive again. he gets some help from his defense. highlights from the i am rest i have win, coming up. weekend of terror end in
6:30 am
gunfire. listen. >> the [gunfire] the man authorities say planted explosives in new york, and new jersey is now in custody. after that gunfight, and facing big time charges. what police are looking into about his past, where has he been. and the man is left fighting for his life blocks from his home in northeast philadelphia driver is still on the run this morning, and the key piece of evidence, police have in their possession. >> it is exactly 6:30 on this tuesday morning. it is september 20th, 2016. hey ryan, do you have that picture again? let's continue the little quiz here? who is that guy here? and what does he have in common with our new coach, doug pederson? um-hmm. as i said, the old heads are already guessing on twitter. >> i haven't had any tweets yet about it. >> yeah, yeah. >> do they get a prize for guessing. >> what is the prize. >> they get to continue to watch the program and look at sue serio. >> oh, yeah, there is a prize for you.
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yeah. >> 6:30 is the time. bus stop buddy is here. happy about the win last night. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. we have clouds and some fog. we have some showers to the south, and now the del marva peninsula as well, the clouds are mostly what we are dealing with this morning as we anticipate our sunrise. fog any allentown, pottstown, reading, lancaster has been foggy all morning. so has mountains. not too bad to the south and east of us but look at that gorgeous sunrise when we bring clouds in the picture. 69 degrees. 6:47. the official sunrise time. but we do expect a mix of sun and clouds today, a stray shower, it isn't out of the question not likely unless you are south and east of the city. high pressure, warmer then yesterday, 83 degrees. still humid. bob kelly, things will be changing as we change seasons, later on in the week. >> sound good but we're all in a good mood, free coffee at dunkin' donuts our traffic
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sponsor, of course. a live look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound right at passyunk avenue in south philadelphia working your way eastbound. it is right at the split. we have passyunk and walt whitman off to the right. oregon avenue up the middle. and then, of course, get off there in the tunnels there at 26th street. so watch for that one lane squeezing on through, and this will be in your way, if you are taking the schuylkill to get the to the airport. coming from south jersey starting to wake up, and see some delays, north on the 42 freeway, i think everybody will have a little bit of the late start or hit that snooze button at least once there staying up late to watch the game last night. accident on city avenue at lancaster avenue in front of the seminary, so watch for delays, out in collegeville, down wires at eighth and chestnut street, and then we're still dealing with some fog coming from the burbs at 422, 309, and northeast extension, but otherwise, that fog is not impacting any flights at philly international at least not yet, mike anal evening, back to you. there was a gunfight up in
6:33 am
north jersey, with ahmad kahn rahami, right there on a stretcher, a gerney, shot a couple times. the once in the leg, it looks like a shoulder wound as well. he is accused of planning a series of bombs over the weekend in both new york city, and seaside park, new jersey. >> rahami is charged with attempted to kill police after being found in linden new jersey. >> um-hmm. gun battle could be heard by people all over the neighborhood. listen. well, jenny will have it for you. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. we have talk to people who knew ahmad rahami from the neighborhood and from a local mosque. no one we talk to saw any signs predicting terrorist behavior. manhunt for rahami ended within two and a half hours, police say a man found rahami sleeping outside his restaurant in linden, new jersey monday morning, and then called police. police identified the man as the suspect terrorist, wanted in connection with three explosion over the course of two days. that is a picture of rahami
6:34 am
after being captured in a bloody shoot-out with linden police. naturalized american from afghanistan was wounded in the shooting and transported to a local hospital. two linden police officers were also shot but they are expected to be okay. police say they have found rahami's fingerprints on a pressure cooker connect to the cell phone and they were able to be link to saturday's explosion in the north jersey shore town. saturday night blast in chelsea, that injured 29 people and pipe bomb found at an elizabeth new jersey train station sunday night. one man we talk to heard rahami's shoot-out with police and described what he heard. >> it just sounded like, pop, pop, pop, pop and then silence and then you just heard people screaming. it is almost like a numbing feeling that we are getting normal iced with this crap which is not normal. we can all look around and say this is pretty much not normal but, you know, we have to do something bit. i don't know what the hell
6:35 am
there is to to about it but we have to do something about it. >> reporter: police are connecting interviews with those close to ahmad rahami as 28 year-old is charged with five counts of attempted murder. he is being held on 5.2 million-dollar bail. mike and alex. >> thank you for that. 6:35. developing in northeast philadelphia, one man is fighting for his life after being hit the by a car. >> the driver took off, police have the car, so what else is going on now, dave? >> reporter: well, police are looking for surveillance video but lets go to video of that car involved in this situation, that left a man with critical injuries here. we saw philadelphia police towing away a white chevy cobalt that police say was involved in the hit and run and also has windshield damage, and we're told that the vehicle is registered to a home here on the 7,000 block of rutland street where we are right now. we also want to go to the scene where this all happened last night and we will take you to that video at bustleton
6:36 am
and bleigh. police believe this incident happened in or near the parking lot of the wells par go bank in that area around 11:15 last night. >> fortunately in the parking lot, bustleton and bleigh, we did find several cameras at the bank, very close to where this vehicular leaving the scene accident occurred. so hopefully these cameras, recorded something that can help id what the investigation. but we believe we already have the striking vehicle, we're just going to have to investigate to find out who was driving this particular vehicle. >> reporter: that is the big question what will video show? police did take pictures, of that white car, before they towed it away, again, we know victim is in extremely critical condition at aria torresdale hospital, we're told by police it the is a man in his late 40's, possibly 47 to 48 years old and search for the driver continues, mike and
6:37 am
alex. >> keep us updated on that. we will take you to a live shot at the hospital presbyterian where sergeant sylvia young could be released any moment now. as you know she was targeted friday night in west philadelphia expected to get out of the hospital here in just a little bit. officials say they are arranging a highway patrol escort for her trip home, at some point. that is quite interesting to watch. hopefully we will catch that on camera. she was shot at 18 times friday night. >> six times hit her in the shoulder, arms and chest. but she was wearing a life saving bullet-proof vest. >> thank god. >> so in the meantime second officer shot friday night in west fill's is sharing his story after being released from the hospital. university of pennsylvania officer ed miller continues his recovery, after being shot, twice. he was doing well enough to attend a tailgate party last night. this was fop's big tailgate party they used to raise money and funds will help his family as well as sergeant young's family. so it is something he talked
6:38 am
about with john mcnesby. >> yes. >> they are good friend. they are such close friends after all these years on the philadelphia police force they take vacations together and then he retired and joined the university of pennsylvania, the penn police department. >> officer miller was talking yesterday and he said he feels very fortunate to be alive. >> i guess i'm lucky. i'm in the hospital. i hear about the bombing up in new york. is what the difference between what i went through and what the people there walking down the street on a saturday night thinking they will have a night out on the town? >> officer miller looks forward to returning to his job soon, serving the community. you know -- well, we will move on to something else but fop had an endorsement the last night did you see that. new information out, about eagles offensive lineman lane johnson. he got to play last night, that lane has now been suspended, by the league, for testing positive for a banned substance. you knew it was coming, we
6:39 am
could squeeze one more game out of him. the suspension is now pending, an appeal, will be heard on october 4th, that means johnson will play on sunday begins the steelers and we need him. steelers are good. if a neutral arbitrator up holds the suspension, lane would be suspended for ten games. well, 6:39. search is on for a high powered weapon swiped from the table at a local gun show. took it right off the gun show some one grabbed a ar15 from the gun dealer during a show in northeast philadelphia on sunday h that dealer, northeast firearms is based, in honesdale pennsylvania. the company was selling guns at national guard armory. police say dealer noticed weapon was missing around noon and he said he last seen it about two hours earlier, where is it? >> it is a military style weapon, and it is very high powered. these bullets can go through
6:40 am
body arm or, they can go through vehicles and that is our concern, we don't want these guns in the wrong hands. >> well, big concern, a person who answered the phone, we called them at northeast firearms and said he was disappointed law enforcement did not see the gun getting stolen. is this team for real. eagles are now two and zero. impressive win on the road in monday night football in chicago. how far can this team go. >> our experts weigh in. we have experts. please join us this friday as we solute our troops for annual military take. come down to fourth and market, we will shut down the entire street, and throw a block party to honor men and women who serve our country. that is this friday september 23rd from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.
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sunrise over california he will back mountain. we will see more sunshine. further north and west we will see more sunshine but we still have moisture lingering from yesterday when we got all of this rain that fell in bridgeville, delaware in sussex county. over 5 inches just in the day. west cape may over four and a half inches, three and a half in bernville, pennsylvania and harrington delaware in kent
6:44 am
county. in philadelphia we got just shy of one and a third inches. here's the cloud cover we have been talking about and rain down to our south. it has been, in sussex county, delaware all morning. quick check of the tropics, tropical storm karl with 40 miles an hour wind expected to strength tone day, eventually to a hurricane, as it approaches bermuda. this is pretty bad news for the island but for east coast of the united states, it is expected to take a turn away. this is next one we are watching tropical depression number 13 which could strengthen to a tropical storm by the even of the day, and then it will get the name lisa, matthew and nicole next on the list, quick check of the tropics. fog is our problem, north and west of the city in mount pocono, allentown, pottstown, reading, lancaster it has been foggy all morning. temperatures in the 60's and 07's right now. we should hit 83 degrees by the even of the day and then jump up to a ten for tomorrow and thursday, so as summer
6:45 am
ends and autumn begins we have beautiful weather and warmer than average weather for this time in september but by end of the weekend and by the time we will get to the eagles game on sunday it will feel like football weather, bob kelly. >> you got it, hot chocolate for tailgate party. 6:45. an accident bam right here westbound on the vine street expressway, right underneath the parkway construction. it looks like we have one truck, maybe a tractor trailer involved here, this is again westbound as soon as you come off the schuylkill coming into center city on the vine expressway. that left lane is block. the here's the back up to look through here as everybody rolls rolls west over toward the schuylkill, it looks like only that center lane will be opened, through lane because folks are stacked up trying to get on to 30th street there. accident the other way on the schuylkill expressway eastbound right here near passyunk avenue, crash out in the neighborhoods city avenue
6:46 am
and lancaster in front of the seminary. we are starting to see volume pop on i-95. people out of collegeville where we have been dealing with fog all morning and down wires at eighth and chestnut watch out for possible delays at philly international because of the early morning fog but otherwise we're in good shape up and over the bridges. mike and alex, back to you. eagles headaching a statement in chicago on money not football. what is statement? statement we're really good. the statement we're okay. what are we? carson wentz, with another strong performance leading eagles to a 29-14 win over bears in chicago. eagles now two-zero on the season. the let's ask dave uram from 94 wip. what is the statement big dave. >> statement is carson wentz. the statement is the wentz wagon. the statement is that guy eagles were planning on not even dressing for any games this year because they have sam bradford and that guy is two and zero. that guy is a first
6:47 am
quarterback rookie quarterback in nfl history to go two and zero in his first two games and offense, not turn the ball over, at all. first quarterback since 1970 rookie quarterback to go two and zero and not have an interception or turn over himself in the first two games. >> listen to this dave uram you are back on camera, he has no life. he has all these facts in his head. >> that is why we have him here. >> i have not slept. >> you have not slept. >> are you excited. >> i'm that excited. >> i cancelled work, but otherwise i'm back. >> here's the thing, some people are saying when they were watching this he may not be our quarterback for long because of the way he was getting hit. >> he was pounded again. >> that has to be fixed. that is part of the offensive line's job, part of his job to slide, not take those crazy hits out of bounds. he is learning. that is one of his biggest flaws. >> look at this one. >> he cannot let that happen. he a hads to get out of
6:48 am
bounds. the his ribs are healing from the injury from the preseason. >> he try to get one more yard. that he had has to learn to stop doing. >> the o line, we have information, maybe you do not have this morning. >> i do have it. >> i check my phone before i got here. >> lane johnson inevitably will get suspended, according to the inquirer pending at peel. at peel hearing is october 4th which is tuesday after the bye week so he will play this sunday against the steelers. >> good. >> when he has that appeals hearing and when he does get suspended officially because there is no way he will win that appeal, then he will be suspended ten games and won't come back until final three games of the regular season. >> do we have somebody to relays him. >> allen barber will move from left guard to right tackle, and it will be left guard stephan wisnieski or the rook hoy hasn't even played in a
6:49 am
game yet because he was injured and inactive all of the games. >> we don't have a choice. >> we have wentz. >> eagles have wentz. >> but you have to protect wentz and the steelers are no joke. >> they are no joke. this is toughest test for eagles. browns and bears are easy. this is toughest test this will be a true indication of whether or not they are a legitimate team f they can compete with the steelers they can stay close and not get blown out and maybe pull out a win, then you can tell they are for real. >> we are talking about this two weeks ago we were talking about sam bradford. >> i know, right. >> he did play well. >> should we get back to our quiz. we will put up the picture of this guy from the 50's, early 60's what this doug pederson in common with that man and what is that man's name. >> that is nick score much -- skorch the eagles coach in
6:50 am
1971. >> doug pederson became first eagles coach in the super bowl era. >> yes. >> super bowl started 69. >> around there. >> to win his first two games, with his team. >> yes. >> last philadelphia coach was to do it was that dude. >> he was replaced by one of the most infamous, coaches in eagles history he was coach for one year. >> i believe he was coach for one year. if i'm wrong, the historians will come and scold me but he was coach for only one year. >> why did we have a new coach after winning it all in 1960. >> you know, that is the way owners were back then. in fact when eagles won it, this just tells me i'm really a dork. when eagles won in 1948/49 with greasy neil, really good coach. you like the name buck shaw, greasy neil is a great name. >> greasy neil is your name. >> they win national championship in 48/49.
6:51 am
the collection of elder at that time, fired greasy neil after one season. >> they hired a guy with the better name buck shaw. >> yes. >> he won it all and then retired. >> yes. >> and then then a collection of bad coaches took over until dick vermeil and then it was marion campbell and then buddy ryan and then it was sketch kotite and then it was ray rhodes and my good buddy chip kelly and then could you go pederson. >> that is a trivia test. >> all that in the head. >> yes. >> are you dating anybody? >> really. >> you know me, come on. >> well, back to the stats then. >> better chance eagles beat the steelers on sunday then me going on a date this weekend. >> oh, no.
6:52 am
>> i'm not ashamed to say it, i'm smiling. >> look at this camera over here. come on, ladies, yes. >> straighten up, get the tie together. >> his name is dave. he likes to hang out at the linc and he likes to walk on the jersey shore and he likes to read about football stats. >> your dad will love him. >> yes. >> talk eagles all day. >> when i could not find where my car was park i called the police to report it stolen and then we drove around and i sat, true story were you drunk. >> i sat the this is back of the cop car and we eventually found high car because i remember where i park it. >> beautiful story. >> that should help. >> apparently he has a rough edge there, a little rebel in the back of the cop car. >> what is your twitter handle. >> at mr. youram. >> at mr. youram.
6:53 am
>> okay, mr. right, maybe. good to see you shall dave. >> hang around we will do with another sports panel next hour. >> good news for philadelphia police sergeant targeted in that deadly rampage last friday night. sergeant sylvia young, there she is, expect to be released any minute now. police escort, pretty impressive, highway patrol involved, motorcycle will officer they will take her home and we will be there.
6:54 am
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constitution center, georgia congressman john lewis was awarded liberty medal last night there and for voting rights in the 1960's, work ago wrong side doctor martin luther king junior. lewis called it a great, special honor. >> we were just ordinary people, and we had an extraordinary vision, to live in a society that respected dignity and word of every human being. >> he told the crowd you will make me cry and they did, he will never forgive receiving this award. most wonderful, wonderful evening. >> what an honor. >> well deserved. >> 6:56. suspect terrorist in police custody. >> jenny. >> but in the before a bloody shoot-out, what led authorities to ahmad rahami and update on the
6:57 am
investigation coming up at 7:00. for senate, katie mcginty will stand up to the big oil polluters. she'll work to protect our air and water and make us a leader in clean energy jobs. and millionaire pat toomey? he's for the big oil polluters. toomey voted to protect twenty-four billion dollars in tax breaks for oil companies. and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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6:59 am
went wagon keeps on rolling. >> first and goal, went, flags down, he is in the end zone with a touch town. >> rookie quarterback is impressive again and defense comes up big as eagles beat the bears in chicago. we have highlights and reaction from your two and
7:00 am
zero eagles. plus a weekend of terror comes to an end with a shoot-out, ahmad kahn rahami, he is under arrest accused of planting a series of bombs, in new york and new jersey. what authorities are questioning about his past this morning. overnight, a man is hit by a car, left for dead, just blocks from his home in northeast philadelphia, the driver is still on the run this morning, the key piece of evidence police have in their possession. she was given a 50/50 chaps to live at just four years of age, diagnosed with cancer, and she never gave up, now she's celebrating one year in remission and she's in our area, in our studio, to help others, sick kid. lea still joins us live. she's adorable.


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